The Well Digger’s Daughter

I was lucky to catch Daniel Auteuil’s THE WELL DIGGER’S DAUGHTER this week at Lincoln Center.

What a breath of fresh Provence air!
Rolling hillsides, poppy fields, waving wheat… the same Provence shown in JEAN DE FLORETTE and MANON OF THE SPRING (favorites!)

Enjoyed it immensely.

It made good use of the famous “Core ‘NGrato”, which tore at my heart. 

When I got home, I looked up the translation – so beautiful!

Caterina, Caterina, why do you say those bitter words?
Why do you speak and torment my heart, Caterina?
Don’t forget, I gave you my heart, Caterina,
don’t forget.
Caterina, Caterina, why do you come and say those words that hurt me so much?
You don’t think of my pain,
you don’t think, you don’t care.
Ungrateful heart,
you have stolen my life.
Everything is finished
and you don’t care any more!
Catarí’, Catarí’
you do not know that even in church
I bring my prayers to God, Catari.
And I recount my confession to the priest: “I am suffering
from such a great love.”
I’m suffering,
I’m suffering from not knowing your love,
I’m suffering a sorrow that tortures my soul.
And I confess, that the Holy Mother
spoke to me: “My son, let it be, let it be.”

images via KINO LORBER