Silence in Grey / A Series by Juan Sebastian Rodriguez Moranta

“The photographer goes running every morning for two years to watch the sun rise over the Barcelona sea. His camera is slung over his shoulder. When he reaches the shore, he stops and takes another photo. Again and again. Each of these images contains a little history, beautiful, peaceful and quiet.”

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Mozart / Symphony No. 40

This past weekend, I went to a concert where this classic was played, and I was surprised to find the familiar music striking me anew with its beauty. Music is oftentimes more filling than food, and in this case, every movement was a satisfying course all on its own.

The program described this piece as Mozart making ” ‘an appeal to eternity’ at a time when his worldly fortunes were in decline…Here we encounter the remarkable fusion of opposites – of passion and formal elegance, sorrow and exultation, darkness and light…”


How will I be able to keep you
if you don’t disgust me a little?
Why do you wear lipstick with trousers
that are stained and stain?

At the end of the raspberry patch
I found my own darling telephone
hiding away like a little reservist.
Why do you disgust me?

I can’t see the bridge any more.
“You look like a Dutch interior.”
“Then I guess I do know how pretty I am.”
But it is not dark, it is very sunny.

I wish that you would await me
without your horse near the windbells
on the path to the left of the jonquils.
If you just jangle your spurs I’ll know,

but who else would it be, anyway?
and if something tinkles it’ll be
one of your threaded silver bracelets
that you cover with your cuff before cops.

I want you to stop making me sick.
I want you to go away and not stay away.
Could you bring me razor blades when you come back?
and a sandwich of begonias and glass?

Frank O’Hara
[New York, February 1953]