Things That Can Fly: Helium Balloon Bridge

Check out this wonderful bridge designed by French artist Olivier Grossetête designed for the Tatton Park Biennial in NW England – this year it was themed around the idea of flight.
Air is what keeps this bridge up– or to be exact, three enormous helium balloons, and though visitors aren’t allowed to walk across the bridge (it’s more of an art installation), it would theoretically be able to hold the weight of a person.

Things That Can Fly: Birds-of-Paradise

I recently came across Tim Laman’s photographs of the birds-of-paradise. Boy, are they astonishing. Can you believe these creatures, these beautiful creatures, exist in the same world as us? They’re dressed up to the nines!

 I also found this portrait of a hornbill unforgettable. 
Here’s a behind the scenes video of how he gets these shots:

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